Upper Floor Deluxe Twin Room


Upper Floor Deluxe Twin Room

The ultimate Champagne chosen by the French queen,
possessing noble quality and sparkles like jewels.

This is a truly rare Champagne, produced in limited quantities only in years when the chef de cave (head winemaker) determines that it will be a “Rare” Champagne.
The wine is adorned with a golden tiara as a tribute to Queen Marie Antoinette, as the wine was originally created with jewels to commemorate the presentation of the wine to her.

Room Specifications

  • Capacity: 1 to 4 persons
  • Size: 51 square meters
  • Infinity Bath
  • Semi-double beds (2 beds) side by side
    *Extra beds are available for more than 3 persons
  • Projector available (up to 120 inches, 4K)
  • Wine cellar and minibar


  • Rare 2008

*Only if you book a plan that includes Champagne from the official website, we will provide one bottle per stay.
*Please note that the cuvée and vintage are subject to change without notice. Please understand in advance.

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Created as a tribute to Queen Marie Antoinette, Rare Champagne is a precious Champagne treasure in its own right, embodying the French “Art de Vivre”. Today, the tiara that adorns the Rare Champagne bottle was made by Parisian jeweler Artus Bertrand, and represents a tribute to the queen and her triumphant grapes overcoming the harsh forces of nature.


Rare Champagne is a noble work of art, not only for what is in the bottle, but also for its entire existence as a Champagne, including the bottle itself. The uncompromising approach to making a Champagne worthy of the queen reveals part of the philosophy of Rare Champagne, which devotes itself exclusively to prestige cuvées.


Rare Champagne is also known as the “Jewel of Champagne”. It is not only the delicate and graceful bottle design that makes it look like a jewel, but also the collaboration with many famous jewelry brands.


Rare Champagne is not a Champagne that is new to the market every year. Only a limited number of vintages appear, making it known as a high value Champagne. Therefore, Rare Champagne’s commitment and passion for quality is strong, and many winemaking professionals still support its existence to produce the best Champagne.


The cuvée we are offering in plans that include Champagne is the “Rare 2008”, which is also known to have “unlimited” aging potential. Piper Edosic Rare Champagne is a special Champagne that has only been produced eight times since the first vintage in 1976. Cellar master Régis Camus produces this rare product only in the years when he is inspired. Immerse yourself in its exquisite taste and beautiful bottle design.”