Deluxe Twin Room


Deluxe Twin Room

A journey back in time to the splendid era of Art Nouveau.

The Vranken Pommery Monopole Group, one of the largest wine producers in Europe with distribution in 87 countries around the world, developed “Demoiselle” as its original premium brand under the concept of “elegance and femininity”.
Chardonnay carefully selected from Premier Cru (first class) or higher vineyards brings soft and elegant taste.

Room Specifications

  • Capacity: 1 to 4 persons
  • Size: 51 square meters
  • Infinity Bath
  • Semi-double beds (2 beds) side by side
    *Extra beds are available for more than 3 persons
  • Projector available (up to 120 inches, 4K)
  • Wine cellar and minibar


  • Tête de cuvée

*Only if you book a plan that includes Champagne from the official website, we will provide one bottle per stay.
*Please note that the cuvée and vintage are subject to change without notice. Please understand in advance.

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If Demoiselle were to be described in one word, it might be “a Champagne that embodies Art Nouveau”. Released by the Vranken Pommery Monopole Group in 1985, it has its roots in the “Art Nouveau” style of art created at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.


The name “Demoiselle” means “dragonfly” in French, and is derived from the dragonflies that flew in the garden of the Château de Castaigne. This dragonfly is also famous as a motif favored by René Lalique, who was born in Champagne and was active in the Art Nouveau period. The Demoiselle was created as a tribute to René Lalique, who was active in the Art Nouveau period. Even today, it continues to be loved by many as an elegant Champagne that keeps its spirit.


Chardonnay is the mainstay of Demoiselle because it expresses the elegance and grace of Art Nouveau. Chardonnay’s delicate impression and graceful aroma, reminiscent of white flowers, are essential to the style that Demoiselle seeks. Furthermore, the Chardonnay used at Demoiselle comes from Premier Cru vineyards and above, so there is no compromise in the quality of the wine.


Dominique, the winemaker of the maison, is a native of the village of Avize, known as the Grand Cru of Chardonnay, and therefore knows Chardonnay inside and out. The Chardonnay used is the “Tête de Cuvée,” or first pressing, which is a luxurious production of only 2,050 liters from 4,000 kilograms of grapes. The wine is made with the same uncompromising dedication to “elegance and femininity” and Art Nouveau, which is what Demoiselle is all about.


The cuvée we are offering in plans that include Champagne is the “Tête de cuvée”. This soft and elegant Champagne is made from only the first pressing of carefully selected grapes from Premier Cru vineyards and above. We invite you to enjoy a graceful and magical moment with a glass of Demoiselle Champagne, as if you were transported back to the glamorous days of Art Nouveau.