Deluxe Twin Room


Deluxe Twin Room

The treasure of Montagne de Reims that values the enviroment and tradition.

Jean Vesselle” was founded in 1930, continuing the family’s history of Champagne making that began three centuries earlier.
It is an exceptionally small-scale Recoltant Manipulant (a generic name for growers and vintners who are responsible for everything from viticulture to vinification in-house) that produces Champagne exclusively from grapes grown in its own vineyards, which are mainly 15 ha in size and are Grands Crus (special classifications). They produce unique wines that only a small scale can produce.

Room Specifications

  • Capacity: 1 to 4 persons
  • Size: 51 square meters
  • Infinity Bath
  • Semi-double beds (2 beds) side by side
    *Extra beds are available for more than 3 persons
  • Projector available (up to 120 inches, 4K)
  • Wine cellar and minibar


  • Brut Oeil de Perdrix

*Only if you book a plan that includes Champagne from the official website, we will provide one bottle per stay.
*Please note that the cuvée and vintage are subject to change without notice. Please understand in advance.

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Jean Vesselle is a family-owned Champagne Maison founded in 1930. A Recoltant Manipulant that grows its own grapes and handles its own vinification and sales, it is a producer that values the philosophy of Champagne making that has been passed down since its inception.
In fact, the house is also known for its love of Japan, and is famous for being the first country it chose to export to in the 1990s.


Among the estate’s vineyards, the most noteworthy is the village of Bouzy, one of the Grand Crus. This is a region that produces powerful Pinot Noir of the highest quality.


The Maison’s commitment to quality viticulture is fundamental. The company is also strongly committed to preserving the Champagne region, and its viticulture is characterized by a combination of “quality maintenance” and “environmental preservation”. In 2000, the use of herbicides was completely abolished, and in 2007, solar panels and rainwater recycling systems were installed.


Jean Vesselle is known for its high level of skill and attention to detail in the use of barrels due to its long history of making Champagne, to the extent that it even has a dedicated barrel cellar.
Incidentally, Jean Vesselle offers its barrels not only for winemaking, but also as furniture. Rather than disposing of used barrels once they have been used, the work of breathing new life into them as furniture is also connected to the environmental conservation that the Maison is committed to.


The cuvée we are offering in plans that include Champagne is the “Brut Oeil de Perdrix”. The “Brut Oeil de Perdrix,” named “Eye of the partridge,” is made from 100% Pinot Noir, and is a bottle of Jean Vesselle’s specialties. It has a light rosé color with a hint of pink, produced by direct pressing. It is a rare Champagne with a natural and elegant fruity flavor that has the best of both rosé and white, produced in the climate of Bougies, which is suitable for Pinot Noir. We invite you to taste the one and only Champagne that focuses on Pinot Noir.”