AWA MARIE(アワ・マリエ)

シャンパーニュ5種のペアリングセット「AWA MARIE(アワ・マリエ)」を鮨レストラン「AWA SUSHI」にて販売いたします。

〇提供場所:2F鮨レストラン「AWA SUSHI」
CUVÉE ROYALE BRUT / LA COTE A BRAS 2014 / CUVÉE JOSEPHINE 2014 / Telmont ROSE / Nicolas Feuillatte COLLECTION VINTAGE BLANC DE BLANCS 2017 ※ヴィンテージは変更になる場合がございます
〇料金:5グラス 27,610円(税込)



We will sell 5 kinds of champagne pairing set “AWA Marie” at the sushi restaurant “AWA SUSHI”.

〇 Provision place: 2F sushi restaurant “AWA SUSHI”
〇 Provision period: April 1st (Mon.) to 30 (Tue.), 2024, on restaurant business days (Lunch: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays / Dinner: closed on Wednesdays)
〇 Business hours: [Lunch] 12:30 Simultaneous start, [Dinner] 17: 45-/20:15 ~, 22:30 closed
〇Selined menu (glass):
Cuvée Royale Brut / La Cote a Bras 2014 / Cuvée Josephine 2014 / Nicolas Feuillatte Collection Vintage Blanc de Blancs 2017 * Vintage is subject to change
〇 Fee: 5 glass 27,610 yen (tax included)

* Preliminary reservations are required to use the restaurant.
* Customers who are not staying can be used.